Aloha. The Hawaii Republican Assembly is hosting the state's inaugural Ronald Reagan Freedom and Liberty Dinner. Tickets are on sale now.
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Aloha Conservatives:

Real Republicans and Conservatives can easily answer this question, but we’ll ask it anyway:

Q: Would you rather have dinner with a bona fide conservative leader from Washington, D.C. or would you rather pay twice as much for dinner with a liberal, faux Republican ??

I thought you might prefer Option #1.

There are two political fundraisers this month.

Tomorrow is HIRA's conservative Republican dinner with Carol Tobias, the National President of the National Right to Life Committee -- the leading pro-life organization in the country.  NRLC President Tobias is just the latest A-list conservative voice to headline a HIRA event.  Recent keynotes at HIRA events have been the leaders of the National Rifle Association, the American Conservative Union, and conservative radio hosts Rusty Humphries and Michael Medved.  Tomorrow’s “Ronald Reagan Freedom & Liberty Dinner” will make conservatives feel right at home.

Later this month, on the other hand, a competing fundraising dinner is being organized by the very faux conservatives and faux Republicans who currently hold the Hawaii Republican Party hostage.  Known as the Lincoln Day Dinner, HRP's featured speaker will be one of the most liberal Republican U.S. senators: Jeff Flake of Arizona.  While Flake’s colleague John McCain can be pretty wishy-washy, Flake is practically indistinguishable from a Democrat.  Since becoming a senator, Flake routinely votes in direct opposition to Conservative and Republican interests.  That shouldn’t be surprising since our state GOP takes your support for granted and flagrantly misuses the Republican brand to push for and defend Democrat policies.

Based on Flake's sorry voting record, here are some stunning examples of positions taken by liberal Republican Flake, whom HRP's Pat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich are actively promoting as the best example of an elected Republican in office today (no wonder our party is in trouble in Hawaii):

  Declare Obama's Executive Amnesty Unconstitutional ? NO
  Advance $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill that Funds Executive Amnesty ? YES
  Stop Government Land Grab ? NO
  Advance debt limit increase without spending cuts ? YES
  Confirm radical Jeh Johnson as Secretary of Homeland Security ? YES
  Support the leftist Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) ? YES
  Support the "Gang of 8" Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill ? YES
  Advance Gun Control Legislation Closer to Passage ? YES
  Reduce Foreign Aid to Hostile Countries ? NO

It’s no wonder Flake received a grade of "F" from Conservative Review!!

My friends, I cordially invite you to join me and other island conservatives and fellow Republicans at the 2nd annual Ronald Reagan Freedom & Liberty Dinner TOMORROW at 6pm at the Pearl Country Club.  Tickets are on sale HERE.

Hope to see you there!


National Director, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)


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This inaugural dinner is a benefit for HIRA's political SuperPAC: HIRA Action. 100% of proceeds from all HIRA fundraising is dedicated to communicating our conservative Republican message in 2015 and beyond; promoting conservative Republican solutions and candidates in Hawaii. No overhead, no salaries, no headquarters. Just political messaging.

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