Aloha. HIRA's Road Show is touring the islands with a highly informative town hall style meeting that is free and open to the public. Sponsored by the Hawaii Republican Assembly. Please make plans to attend.
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Aloha Conservative:

Please join fellow Republicans on Thursday, July 10th in Mililani for an eye-opening look at how Democrat politicians, bureaucrats and special interests have harmed our state.  The Hawaii Republican Assembly's much talked about statewide 2014 HIRA Roadshow is back on tour.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: The second in our series of very important meetings takes place at Hanalani Schools (new location) in Mililani on July 10th at 7pm.

The HIRA Road Show covers "The Good, Bad, and the Ugly" of Hawaii politics.  This includes the "Misery Index", calculated from dozens of leading indicators about Hawaii's residents, businesses, and economy.  This index tells a story Democrats do NOT want you or anyone to hear.

Following the diagnosis, HIRA's shocking presentation will be followed by its prescription for a cure, including the various paths to Republican electoral victory and political transformation beyond 2014.

So please make plans to join us at the HIRA's Summer 2014 Road Show July 10th at 7pm in Mililani at the Hanalani Schools located at 94-294 Anania Street.. This is a 'must attend' event to kick off Election Year 2014.  As always, HIRA's Road Show is FREE.

This meeting has been organized for those who care about the future of our party and our state in the 21st century.  But if for no other reason, please come to find out how badly you're being ripped off and how poorly Democrats are governing our state.



Please click HERE for a map to the event location (Hanalani Schools) . . .

. . . and click HERE for the official flyer for the HIRA Road Show in Mililani.

We really hope you can join us July 10th @ 7pm for this important (and free) event.


President - Hawai'i Republican Assembly

July 10, 2014 Central Oahu (Mililani/Wahiawa)
July 31, 2014 Windward Oahu (Kailua/Kaneohe/Waimanalo)
August 21, 2014 Maui
Sept. 18, 2014 East Honolulu (Hawaii Kai/Aina Haina/Kahala)
October 23, 2014 Waikiki


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Official HIRA Road Show Flyer

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