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Aloha Friends and Neighbors:

When HIRA fought the Democrats’ homosexual marriage agenda this year, we warned about the horrible consequences that would arrive on our shores.  We cited solid examples from other states where schools have been hijacked to support an ongoing strategy to forcibly justify and normalize homosexual practices/lifestyles.

HIRA’s intense campaign of paid advertising and public relations provoked Hawaii’s top LGBT activist, Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie, to push his deputy chief of staff (the openly gay former legislator from Aiea) Blake Oshiro out in front of the news cameras to accuse HIRA of “fear-mongering” and to completely deny that any “parade of horribles” relating to the activist LGBT agenda would ever be unleashed on the people of Hawaii, like in other states on the mainland.

Oshiro was disingenuous in his passionate denial, because he knew the University of Hawaii had already developed the immediately infamous “Pono Choices” program, a curriculum that teaches eleven year olds in public schools graphic, offensive, and age-inappropriate heterosexual and homosexual practices.  The offensive and infuriating sexual content of this program has led many parents to begin calling the program “Porno Choices”.

This curriculum was pulled by the DOE for two weeks when parents complained, but since the DOE has decided to invoke the illogical rationalization of “being medically accurate” and “in alignment with state law”, the program is back and is being expanded from 12 to 19 schools.  It turns out that Oshiro’s denial was more of a cover-up

Ewa Beach representative Bob McDermott is courageously bringing this issue to the public’s attention.  McDermott’s attempt to obtain a copy of the curriculum has been repeatedly denied, first by the DOE, then by the University of Hawaii.

Hawaii Reporter

HIRA has obtained some of the e-mails sent recently by State Representative Bob McDermott to officials at the State Department of Education in which these officials flat-out REFUSE to provide his office with copies of the materials currently being presented to eleven year old children.

[NOTE: The only accommodation they offered to McDermott was letting him come to their offices to see the materials, but not be able to leave with copies of the materials.]
It really makes you wonder what they are hiding from the public and why.
Our state government refuses to be honest and transparent.

Remember, Abercrombie explicitly promised (through his deputy chief of staff Blake Oshiro) that the promotion of homosexuality in our schools was 'never supposed to happen here in Hawaii.'  But it’s already happening and, aside from the normalization of homosexual acts, our school system is exposing very complex, controversial, and potentially life-threatening human behaviors to our children.  11 to 13 year old children do not have the maturity and life experience necessary to cope with the moral, emotional, and physical risks associated with adult sexual acts, regardless of what the so-called “experts” say.  These behaviors most likely run counter to what they are being taught, therefore undermining their parents, churches, coaches, and other mentors in their lives; ultimately leading to confusion, apathy and rebellion. 

We all know about the decline in morality of our society and the horrible statistics relating to the increase in promiscuity, teen pregnancy, sexual diseases, unwed mothers, neglected children, etc.  Liberals falsely believe it is because the schools are not getting to children early enough and that they must be educated.  In fact, it is the very exposure of this type of explicit material at early ages that is desensitizing, confusing, and actually encouraging children to engage in behavior they are not prepared to deal with.



Where are the teachers?  Why are they not speaking out against this?  HSTA?  Are they making the tragic choice to corrupt our keiki rather than rock the boat?

Most importantly, why are parent’s concerns and objections being ignored?  Just like the legislature ignoring the overwhelming response against SSM, the DOE and legislature will continue to ignore those they are supposed to be working for.



Kathryn Matayoshi, D.O.E. Superintendent
Phone: (808) 586-3310

Donalyn Dela Cruz, D.O.E. Director of Communications
Phone: (808) 586-3232

Donald Horner, Board of Education Chairman
Phone: (808) 586-3334

Dr. Kelly Roberts, Pono Choices Principal Investigator
Phone: (808) 392-9009

Mahalo for being involved in this important effort to protect our keiki. If experience is any guide, we are in for a long battle with the radical social engineers who control our state government.


President - Hawaii Republican Assembly


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