MARK YOUR CALENDARS -- BE A WITNESS TO HISTORY at HAWAII'S TRIAL OF THE CENTURY: The date, time, and place have finally been set. Friday, May 25th @ 8:30am. District Court - 1111 Alakea - Courtroom 10A.

GOP minority leader and 2nd place candidate for governor Andria Tupola will be asking the court to order HPD to arrest HIRA president Eric Ryan each time he or HIRA criticizes Tupola's voting record from now until after the election. [Let that be a warning to Ige, Hanabusa, Carroll and Hee.] To this end, Tupola has retained noted ambulance chaser and shameless criminal defense attorney Michael Green -- noted advocate for murderers, rapists, crooked politicians and escaped mental patients in the Aloha State. For Tupola and Green, it seems to be a perfect match.

*** Free Admission to all Hawaii conservatives *** Come down on the morning of the 25th to see a major party's extremely liberal and thin-skinned candidate for governor abuse her power as the wife of a cop and daughter of a judge in a shameless gambit to silence and strip rights away from her biggest critic by partnering with a liberal judge appointed by Democrats as Tupola and Green try to argue that political speech has NO LEGITIMATE PURPOSE in society and that regularly criticizing a politician's horrible voting record is a form of harassment, stalking and mind-rape . . . and, worst of all, it might cost her the election!!

So come to court on May 25th and get a sneak preview for yourself how an aspiring actress -- the histrionic, embellishing and perjuring Tupola -- plans to abuse her power as as governor by using her political and legal connections and her willingness to lie and perjure herself (all while pretending to be a victim in danger of being abused) so she can get her way. Gosh, Tupola makes Hanabusa seem like the reasonable choice in 2018 . . . and that's no easy feat. Green even complained to the judge that Ryan and HIRA "was still blogging again last night" on Facebook and elsewhere, because free speech is obviously a very, very dangerous thing in a democracy.

Her criminal defense lawyer Michael Green reportedly told the judge this morning that he has 50 exhibits (reportedly HIRA's Facebook posts) and advised the court he needs 30 minutes to go through them in furtherance of Tupola's overt attempt to trample on HIRA president Eric Ryan's 1st Amendment rights by making him out to be a stalker and getting a liberal judge to abuse his power to brand conservative Eric Ryan a threat to the community. It's the trial of the century. Don't miss it. Be there!

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