QUESTION:  Do we want our next governor to be someone who "feels afraid and helpless" 24/7 because her liberal voting record has come under scrutiny by HIRA?  Do we want state government to be run by someone who has "heightened anxiety and feels emotionally distressed" when her left-leaning voting record gets criticized?

As you probably know, fascist RINO and 1st Amendment opponent Andria Tupola unsuccessfully complained THREE TIMES to a state judge that criticism of her extremely liberal voting record makes her feel like she’s being ‘raped repeatedly’.  Her brain is so fried from liberalism that demented Andria Tupola actually imagined seeing me -- HIRA president Eric Ryan -- showing up at her events and reported those imaginings to the court and HPD as "stalking".

This disgraceful Hawaii politician is using the police and the courts to try and run away from her voting record -- lying about being mind-raped, stalked and harassed -- abusing the process to obtain a TRO against HIRA's president, yours truly

She brings disgrace to her HPD police officer husband Tavo Tupola and her state family court judge father Bode Uale by perjuring herself repeatedly to pervert the TRO process to accomplish the ulterior purpose of silencing her political critics in a way that would certainly make Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro and Mao Tse-tung proud of her.

If you thought the crooked Kealoha's were bad enough, how about a cop’s crooked wife and a judge's crooked daughter abusing her power as a politician and lying to law enforcement authorities to silence the biggest critic of her voting record as a legislator??

She’s abusing the courts and her husband's fellow police officer co-workers to insulate herself from political criticism.  [She even tried to get YOU the taxpayer to fund her TRO attempt by filing for a "fee exemption" so that YOU would have to pay for this shibai.]

Can you imagine what this crooked politician would do if she got the power of being governor?  She’d crack down on free speech by abusing her power and abusing the courts to shut down legal opposition.  Haven’t we had enough dangerous one-party rule in Hawaii?

RINO gubernatorial candidate Andria Tupola is perfectly willing to break the law to protect and advance her political position.  She actually believes that free speech has NO LEGITIMATE PURPOSE.  The phrase 'legitimate purpose' comes from the State Law authorizing TRO's:  "Harassment means an intentional or knowing course of conduct directed at an individual that seriously alarms or disturbs consistently or continually bothers the individual and serves no legitimate purpose."

Well, by her own words, Tupola says she feels "afraid and helpless" because the criticism is too much for her to handle.  And to ensure some candyass liberal judge takes the bait, her TRO petition says she feels raped repeatedly and stalked and harassed and (though she has never met, seen, talked to, or been in the same room with me) has seen me at her political appearances.  She even included online comments from third parties (e.g. NOT me or anyone at HIRA) and pretended that the cited 'hate speech', 'attacks', and 'death threats' actually came from me.  [SPOILER ALERT:  Since Tupola doesn't really care about her safety (only her political ambitions, she hasn't filed a single police report or TRO against these other people.]

Well, Ms. Tupola, ‘raped repeatedly’ is exactly how taxpayers and Republicans feel when once they get to know your abysmal, pro-Democrat voting record.

No wonder facist Tupola HATES the 1st Amendment and wants to use the courts to silence HIRA and its president from criticizing her ultra-liberal voting record.  This major local political figure and candidate for high office in 2018 actually believes that political free speech (about issues affecting the people of Hawaii) should be OUTLAWED if it makes her feel "alarmed" or "disturbed".

Read her TRO drivel for yourself by clicking on the link HERE -- all written, signed, and filed under penalty of perjury by RINO Tupola herself from her State Capitol office for the benefit of her illegally taxpayer-financed campaign:

Her husband Tavo Tupola is one of those HPD police officers who Andria Tupola wants to forcibly take away my right to free speech, using the threat of abusing HPD's police powers to curtail my American civil rights.  Her dad Bode Uale, a state family court judge, might have worked with her husband to advise his desperate daughter to perjure herself and go for the TRO.  After all, the Tupola family name is on the line in 2018 and the family is ALL-IN for the Tupola campaign.  Gosh, you'd think Susan Ballard, the new lady chief of HPD, would have reined in this kind of corruption by now.

We all know that abuse of power is often a family affair in Hawaii politics.  Heck, just look at the crooked Kealoha's dragging HPD and the City Prosecutor's office into the undrained, toxic and smelly swamp.  It's not far-fetched that Tupola's entire family has signed off on her crooked path to the governorship, which makes ANY other candidate for governor seem preferable.  To quote from one of the many Tupola TROs:  "his physical presence at my forum the following morning made very aware that his verbal abuse online via social media and email will be followed by stalking in the public and concern for my safety." It's probably time that Andria Tupola seek the psychological help she obviously needs.  No, NOT for her 'fear' issues surrounding being criticized.  But for her total lack of integrity that would allow her to become such a total scumbag as she has proven to be in this sordid TRO episode.  Auwe!

Thanks for your support of HIRA's free speech.  I wanted you to hear directly from me about this nutty business.  Please know that there will be a massive civil suit filed shortly against Ms. Tupola in addition to the criminal complaint filed with law enforcement for her multiple counts of felony perjury.  I will keep you posted.  Have a great weekend!


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