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BREAKING NEWSJust moments ago, the re-installed party chair and pro-abortion advocate Pat Saiki along with her re-appointed committee chair Mark Moses convinced a majority of HRP’s Platform Committee members to continue the party’s official stand for another two years of taking no positions on any issues at all . . . not even about the worst and most failing Democrat policies.

Republicans of Hawaii, please be advised that we now officially stand for nothing . . . again.  Yes, you understand that correctly.  In a highly coordinated maneuver, eighteen members of the committee aligned with Pat Saiki and National Committeewoman Miriam Hellreich voted against a motion by HIRA member Mike Palcic to create a real political platform which would have contained so-called ‘planks’ telling voters where our party stands on a range of consequential issues; while only eight members supported that motion, and one abstained.

This astonishing decision by the HRP Platform Committee to adopt a position of total neutrality in the party’s platform was orchestrated by Saiki, Moses and other longtime party insiders.  The end result of the vote by the stacked committee is that the State GOP has just refused to research, discuss, debate and/or come up with any solutions pertaining to the failed Democrat policies that adversely affect the people of Hawaii; and decided against putting the fruits of any such consideration into a formal platform which reflects the sentiment of Hawaii Republicans.

But the idea of having a real platform – one which could resonate with island voters on key issues impacting their lives -- was roundly denigrated by Saiki, Moses and others who spoke fervently against letting party members express themselves as a party.  In fact, Saiki was on hand to set the tone by lecturing those in attendance for the first thirty minutes of the meeting about the ‘need’ to allow those who run as Republicans to be the ones who decide what it means to be a Republican so that they can try to get elected in Democrat districts.  Saiki spoke passionately in favor of having a generic, neutral platform which lets candidates be who they want to be, without 'saddling them' with a platform that espouses what the members of our party might feel about failed Democrat policies.

In Saiki’s meandering 30-minute diatribe at the start of the first and possibly only meeting of the party's standing Platform Committee (shortcutting a process which is supposed to take several months), she made the following eye-opening comments:

"We're not here to try and debate the issues and take one side or the other and make our candidates comply to every wish that we may have. They have to go out and get elected and serve the needs of their constituents. We are supposed to be in support of them. So we should provide them with a stable party structure that will aid these candidates. If you agree, I can be an effective chairman. If you do not agree, then well . . ."

Conservatives on the platform committee, including several HIRA members, spoke eloquently.  One such member, who in the past has warned about the neutrality agenda of HRP insiders, said today:  “It's not enough to stand for mom and apple pie.  We need to tackle current issues that matter to people.  We need to educate people about the issues.”

But with their maneuver today and their telling comments in support of nothingness, Pat Saiki and Mark Moses confirmed absolutely everything that HIRA has warned about with the current faux HRP platform known as “LLIFE”.  The simple truth is that LLIFE really is neutral on issues and doesn’t say anything substantive or compelling about any challenge affecting the voters and taxpayers and families of Hawaii living under the rule of Democrats and their failed policies for sixty years.

Saiki and party insiders wanted the party to stay neutral and today they got exactly what they wanted.

By not taking positions and by not standing for anything, it’s clear that the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) is the true home for Hawaii conservatives.  It’s also clear that other conservative groups in the islands which have emerged since 2013 -- Let’s Do This Hawaii and Defend Marriage Hawaii, to name a couple -- are among the few organizations other than HIRA which now stand for something.  Perhaps, until we can get our party in order, it’s time to leave the weaklings at HRP behind.

BOTTOM LINE:  There’s a lot at stake.  Our party needs to stand for something, or why have a party?

Stay tuned for more details in HIRA’s upcoming newsletter.  Find out the precise issues which Pat Saiki and the liberals who control HRP are most afraid of taking a stand on.  You’ll be stunned. Mahalo for staying informed.

Saiki Pushes Neutrality + Chameleon Candidates

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