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Saiki is a committed liberal on both social and fiscal issues.  She didn't play any role in fighting gay marriage in 2013 or civil unions in 2010.  From abortion and ‘equal rights’ to big, big government, Pat Saiki hasn't displayed a desire to bring down the Democrat's political machine in Hawaii politics.  Also, Saiki personally brought legalized abortion to Hawaii.  Using her position as a Republican leader, Pat Saiki made it a high priority to ensure the genocide of unborn babies.

“Saiki was the first woman in the Hawaiian Legislature to support abortion rights.”

Saiki sponsored, supported and pushed for Hawaii to be the first state in the U.S. to legalize abortion (3 years before the Roe v. Wade decision).

“Listen, I am a liberal when it comes to equal rights.” – Pat Saiki, 16 March 2014, Star-Advertiser

Endorsed by liberal newspaper editors of Star-Advertiser:  “She is pro-choice and a defender of equal rights, and finds herself opposing the more socially conservative members of her party.”

“Saiki is viewed as . . . liberal when it comes to social issues. She supports women’s reproductive freedom.”

ABORTION AS BIRTH CONTROL: Saiki encourages women to use abortion as birth control to dispose of inconvenient children to avoid having to "pay for" them.  According to her biography on file with the U.S. House of Representatives:  Where she parted company with many Republicans was on her moderate stance on touchstone social issues, chief among them reproductive rights. Saiki supported women’s reproductive freedom. “I don’t want to be sexist about this, but anything that involves a woman’s life or career, it’s very personal, very close to us,” Saiki told the New York Times. “We’re the ones who experience it. We’re the ones who have to pay for it.”

UNION ORGANIZER:  “She helped organize the Hawaii Government Employees Association.”

FAILED PARTY LEADERSHIP: Saiki’s “first time as party chairwoman did not lead to GOP victories” according to the daily Star-Advertiser.  While chair of HRP during the 1980’s, Saiki never led the party anywhere close to majority status.  She is no ‘savior’.  She has no record of leading anyone to victory, except maybe herself.  Her poor record as party leader is certainly why she omits her chairmanship of HRP from her official biography.

NO PLAN OF ACTION: Saiki acknowledges the supremacy of Democrat campaign grassroots techniques (“the wave”) but hasn’t done anything to counter it during fifty years as either an official party chair or unofficial party leader.

FAVORS WASTEFUL GOVERNMENT: Saiki is on record favoring the waste of taxpayer monies and the establishment of even more wasteful government bureaucracy.  She has long advocated for passage of the controversial, politically-correct, Democrat-endorsed Akaka Bill, which would establish a whole range of new taxes and fees on Hawaii residents in order to create and fund a brand-new, very expensive government which expressly duplicates existing bureaucracies, departments, agencies and programs of federal, state and county governments.  The Saiki-supported Akaka Bill would divide Hawaii along racial lines, pitting part-Hawaiians against everyone else; while well-connected political interests would gobble up the spoils of newly-available ‘Hawaiian lands’ for development by Democrat special interest groups.  If you like the performance of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) over the past three decades, then you’ll really love paying for Pat Saiki’s big, new, dysfunctional Akaka Government.

INTERVIEW: Q:  "And you’ve always been for the Akaka Bill, haven’t you?"  A:  "Oh, yeah."

GOLF BEFORE POLITICS: Pat Saiki was nowhere to be found when it mattered.  Saiki has done nothing to help conservative causes in Hawaii in recent weeks, months, years or decades.  Where was ‘no-show’ Saiki when conservatives were battling Democrats in recent months and years on issues affecting families and taxpayers and employers in our community?  She wasn’t testifying at hearings at the State Capitol.  She wasn’t protesting.  She wasn’t organizing opposition to any terrible legislation.  She was busy playing golf.  Now she shows up with her liberal outlook and expects party members to follow her over a cliff by “standing for nothing”?  Her silence and inaction speaks volumes.

Saiki doesn’t have the stomach for ‘partisan politics’, at a time when aggressive partisanship is the only way to wake up the electorate to the damage done by 60 years of failed Democrat policies in the islands.  The passive approach has failed.  Hawaii’s Republicans are stuck in super-minority status thanks in large measure to Saiki’s already tried and failed leadership.

PARTY NEUTRALITY: Liberal Pat Saiki has made it absolutely clear that she and her team want the Republican Party to officially remain neutral on the issues; then liberal candidates can pretend to be Republicans and take any positions they want.  Even worse, Saiki declared last week that her liberalism extends to how she views the candidates:  “I want to get candidates who have the same vision that I do.”

SOURCE OF RECENT TURMOIL: Pat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich worked together to jettison the last two party chairmen (Jonah Kaauwai and David Chang) before either of their terms of office expired.  In the case of David Chang, Saiki’s direct involvement at last week’s HRP Executive Committee meeting mean that she has now directly participated in firing the past two party chairmen before she could get her own hands on the same job she once held in the 1980’s.  Click below to read articles about the turmoil initiated in part by Pat Saiki at HRP in 2011 for more details.

Pacific Business News

Civil Beat

Hawaii Free Press

Having a ‘unified’ Republican Party here in Hawaii would be greatThe question is whether or not to ‘unify’ around bad leaders, bad strategy, bad ideology, and bad policies . . . especially if we’re expected to unify around the same people who have been responsible for gross mismanagement of HRP for decades now, including Pat Saiki.  Despite the Democrat-run Star-Advertiser’s endorsement of Pat Saiki and her ‘stand for nothing’ neutral outlook, here’s what conservatives across the state have to say . . .

Party Members React to Pat Saiki’s Sudden Emergence as Leader:

  • “Oh Good Lord!!!  Are the Democrats paying Pat Saiki to take this position?”
  • “This is amazingly FOOLISH.  Hawaii Republicans are the official STUPID PARTY!  Who would give money to this clown act?  NOT ME!”
  • “Thank you for telling us what we already suspected.  It has been our opinion that the HRP has acted like a small neutered body of isolated individuals.  All they want from us is financial support as they make the decisions.  Now we learn that they actually just want our support as they make the tough decision to remain neutered.  Standing for nothing is confirmation of being neutered.”
  • “I am with you 100%.  We need a change. Let me know when and where, so I can help.”
  • “Who is this linguini-spined person?”
  • “Some people should STAY retired!  I agree with you guys . . .”
  • “I heard she is over the hill and a do-nothing -- just a figurehead.”
  • “Get rid of her.”
  • “OMG!  What an outrage and totally unacceptable horrendous move on the Hawaii Republican Party.  Pat Saiki is the epitome of the demise of the party and for her to lead us into victory -- it's not, I mean not, happening!  Come on, get with the reality of the downfall of the American civilization and fall of the American empire.  Wake up!!  Please don't go backwards and follow our evil competitors, the Democrats.  We thought that you are more intelligent than that.”
  • “Republican party is irrelevant and will stay that way because it is not conservative.
  • “It would be foolish to continue like they have.”
  • “Time to create a new party.”

Saiki Pushes Neutrality + Chameleon Candidates

Here's hoping for the best possible outcome for HRP. Mahalo for staying informed.

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