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The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) has been holding out hope for our state party . . .

. . . but things have gotten off to a really terrible start for Pat Saiki and the situation looks even bleaker for the Grand Old Party in Hawaii.  Now with all this turmoil just five months before the Primary Election and just seven months until November 4th and with another election year slipping through our fingers, Saiki chose to inform all members of the Hawaii Republican Party (and the public) that she doesn’t want HRP to take any positions on any issues at all, let alone fight against any terrible Democrat policies or propose any official Republican reforms or solutions.

Saiki Pushes Neutrality + Chameleon Candidates

Saiki wants our party to be completely NEUTRAL; to stand for nothing and to be against nothing. She say we must remain quiet on how 60 years of terrible Democrat policies have been for the people of Hawaii.  As she put it:  “The Republican Party does not have to take one side or the other.” . . . WHAT?!!?  Then how in the world are you supposed to differentiate yourself as a party, candidates, or otherwise?

That’s NOT going to make voters feel like we care about them at all while the business and employment situations worsen and poverty continues to rise; while their kids in public schools are taught objectionable material, societal institutions are upended and government becomes even more overpriced and unaccountable with each passing day. C'mon, Pat!!

Furthermore, in a related statement, Saiki wants the ideal Republican candidate in 2014 and beyond to simply be a chameleon that adapts to the perceived sentiment of his or her district:  “Recruiting candidates that represent the thinking of the people of Hawaii,” Saiki ordered.  Our biggest question is: what about political leadership?  Hawaii is not a liberal state.  It is a state rife with apathy and ignorance that has been held under the oppressive thumb of Democrats for decades.  Believe it or not, Hawaii Democrats get elected by a minority of people in relation to the population as a whole.  The people of Hawaii crave leadership.  We need candidates who are leaders with conservative values, solid character, and guts, not someone who will morph at a moment’s notice in order to avoid criticism or equivocate out of fear of being judged or creating offense.

Right now as it stands, the Hawaii GOP is for all practical purposes irrelevant in the islands.  Voters have no idea what local Republicans would do differently than Democrats if we were in the majority because we don’t tell them . . . the Democrats do that for us.

HERE is an editorial from the liberal publishers of TODAY's Star-Advertiser.
Star-Advertiser Endorses New Liberal Direction for HRP
Read what they wrote - When the liberal local press agrees
with the direction of our party, something is WRONG.

But Pat Saiki and the cabal which have installed her as HRP’s leader want to keep things that way -- neutral and chameleon-like.  But you know that the only way to make a case for Republicans across the state is to officially unify around the reform solutions and principles that we would implement if we became the majority party and held the power to change things.  Pat Saiki doesn’t want that.  Nor do the people around her who pull the strings - the real power behind the throne.  They want you, yes you, to remain QUIET.  They want your representatives on the party’s platform committee to ignore the question “Why ARE we Republicans?” and to endorse HRP’s current stance of neutrality on all issues without even officially standing up for thoughtful Republican policy solutions that would improve people’s lives in Hawaii.

In recent days, HRP platform committee members from across the state have been getting jerked around by lying party leaders and employees. Pat Saiki's currently appointed chairman of the platform committee (and staunch advocate of Saiki's party neutrality policy) Mark Moses has been delaying and even cancelling meetings of the committee in order to prevent them from taking positions on issues. Saiki ordered Moses to bring an abrupt halt to all the work by party members on this year’s HRP platform committee and to prevent them from formulating a new and improved party platform. In turn, Moses and paid party staffer Kayle Berube have been lying to committee members about reasons for meeting cancellations and delays in order to thwart their efforts. Why? Because Saiki plans to tell them in person exactly what she wants them to do (with her top-down approach) rather than allowing members to set policy from the ground-up pursuant to party rules.

Naturally, liberal Saiki wants to demand that Republicans in Hawaii remain neutral -- officially standing for nothing and against nothing. In fact, Saiki has already told several committee members that 'no platform is even needed'. Sadly, Pat Saiki's cronies knowingly undermined the platform committee's deadline-driven work (the state convention is only a few weeks from now) using lying and cheating, not to mention breaking the rules . . . since they flat-out oppose having a respectable platform that real Republicans can be proud of. She wants HRP to stand for nothing so that liberal candidates can do their own thing. What an awful way to start her post-retirement career as party chair!!

So, if you ever wondered WHY our party doesn’t lead the fight against the Democrats on the big issues during the 24 months between each election, now you know . . . and Pat Saiki will keep it that way.  Tragically, the very first thing she told the world about the Republican Party is that she does NOT care what the members think about issues and that our party should NOT tell Hawaii what we'd do differently than Democrats.

Fellow Republican and Conservatives, our party will forever be broken and failing if it remains neutralThere’s no point in selling neutrality and showcasing chameleons.  Let’s take back our party and get started selling our solutions to the people of this great state.  If Republicans ever hope to become the governing party with a majority in Hawaii, we must win a ‘War on Neutrality’ inside our own party first.  WHY are we Republicans?  Pat Saiki does NOT want anyone to find out.

If you care at all about changing Hawaii for the better, then you need to understand HRP's new low reached by Pat Saiki and her handlers. They want you to look the other way while using a coup to install someone we barely know anything about on the issues that matter in 2014; someone who just shows up on the radar screen five short months before the Primary Election and who certainly didn't fight alongside us at the State Capitol during recent months and years in any battles at all. Now you're being asked to support her . . . and we don't even know what she stands for. Is this REALLY what we need or want?

Let Pat Saiki know you feel about the liberalism, the lying, the cheating and the rulebreaking through your financial contributions, your moral support and your volunteer hours. Let Pat Saiki know that this type of 'leadership' is the last thing our party needs.

Here's hoping for the best possible outcome for HRP. Mahalo for staying informed.

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