Aloha. The Hawaii Republican Assembly is passing along warnings received from friends statewide to Republicans and conservatives in the Aloha State. You can help stop bad ideas from becoming law and stop bad politicians from holding office by taking action today.
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Waving the White Flag of Surrender:

Last week, HB 459 passed out of committee.  More than likely it will go to a vote and pass, making the disgusting sex promotion curriculum “Pono” Choices once again a serious threat.  This means that all the hard work Representative Bob McDermott, and many other hard working citizens, put in to protect Hawaii families and children to make this an “opt-in” program is about to be undermined.  Why?  The Bill NOW makes sex ed mandatory for elementary students . . . that’s right.  6-10 year olds will now be subjected to this filth.

How does this happen?

Because Democrats have the numbers in the legislature, and they know it; even one of our so called “republicans”, Cynthia Thielen, introduced HB 459.  Fukumoto-Chang, Tupola, and Ward all voted “aye” to pass HB 459 out of committee.  This is unbelievable!  On a separate note, Fukumoto-Chang has thrown in with the marijuana crowd . . . more on all of this later.  

HRP “leaders” will not speak out against these bad bills; they will not even censure Rs who vote for these bad bills.  But HIRA will.

The harsh reality in 2015 is shocking.  Island taxpayers, families and entrepreneurs are being maimed and slaughtered by a host of policies enacted by state and local Democrats while our ambivalent GOP “leaders” have chosen to either be historically insignificant by running for the hills and hiding in the bushes rather than fight for our values or flat-out stab us in the back.

HIRA has it on good authority that HRP leaders have refused to provide leadership and/or canvassing materials or any support to fight Democrats over these issues.  That amounts to surrender.  The purpose of a state party, four county parties, 51 district committees, and hundreds of precinct organizations is not just to hand out Djou bumper stickers, Aiona t-shirts, and Lingle signs during the latter half of an election year but to FIGHT all year long to advance the Republican solutions we believe in.  Yes, we’re supposed to be FIGHTING.

One month into the 2015 legislative session and nearly four months since the 2014 general election, leaders at HRP have ordered a 'stand down' which eliminates any possibility of a statewide, organized effort to block the worst aspects of Democrat agenda at the State Legislature and at City Hall.

Look at these pressing issues:

These issues and more are nowhere to be found in our party’s 2015 political agenda or our party’s neutral LLIFE platform, let alone nowhere to be found on the weak 2015 agenda of our elected officials at the State Capitol.

So who ordered the 'stand down' which has kept our party on the sidelines with so many major issues being debated at City Hall and the State Capitol?   If you haven't already heard, that stand-down order came directly from Miriam Hellreich, Pat Saiki and the rest of the liberal leadership that has hijacked HRP and co-opted our party from the inside.

Ironically, what Saiki wrote on a postcard sent to all party members to promote participation in the recent party caucuses was the opposite of what she actually does:  “It takes courage to stand up to the political machine that has dominated island politics since statehood.  I and tens of thousands of other Hawaii Republicans intend to remain the loyal opposition and keep fighting for a better future for our State.”

Yet immediately prior to the recent party caucuses, Pat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich orchestrated the passage of a budget for HRP which completely omits funding for any political action known as ‘electioneering’.  That means our party has deliberately sidelined itself at the exact same time that Rome burns, Nero fiddles; Caldwell pushes for a permanent tax increase for the rail boondoggle, Ige pushes for another wasteful state budget, marijuana gets legalized, and liberals push for children in public schools to learn all about gay sex.

So even though new district leadership is in place as the result of recent party caucuses, and even though we have the finances to produce doorhangers, distribute phone banking lists, and print banners and signs, liberal party leaders don't give a hoot about stopping higher taxes, bigger spending, or any of the other terrible fiscal or social policies being proposed for adoption in 2015.  As Republicans in the islands, we are all under orders to lay down and die as a party until Miriam Hellreich decides who her paying client will be in 2016 . . . then all resources will be scrambled at the last minute in a desperate attempt to help her one paying political client.

Time is running out to fix what’s wrong with Hawaii as things get worse each day.  The revolution needs leadership, planning and tireless execution.  HRP “leaders” are providing none of these.

The battle for the heart and soul of our party is underway.  Phony Republicans currently control HRP.  That cannot stand.

HIRA is the only organization letting you know WHY our party and our elected Republicans haven’t been gearing up to fight these issues from district to district, across the state.  Every single day, HIRA gets e-mails from desperate Republicans who all ask the same basic question:


The answer is clear:  Party leaders have their heads in the sand, which is exactly where our party is also now buried.

But until we act like we truly believe in Republican solutions here in Hawaii -- and until we boldly showcase and fight for these reforms -- we merely offer an echo of the Democrats rather than giving voters a real choice.

Our party needs to get on the right side of issues immediately.  But until HRP does that, and until the RINOs step aside, HIRA urges you against wasting any time, money or effort helping the liberals who’ve hijacked our state party and help keep Democrats in power.

Join HIRA today and change Hawaii tomorrow.


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