Aloha. The Hawaii Republican Assembly is passing along warnings received from friends statewide to Republicans and conservatives in the Aloha State. You can help stop bad ideas from becoming law and stop bad politicians from holding office by taking action today.
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Fellow Republicans and conservatives throughout the islands . . . it’s time to step up!!

In the wake of the 2014 election disaster, the defection of state house Republican leader Aaron “Ling” Johanson to the Democrat Party, and the election of Beth Fukumoto as Republican Minority Leader, the Hawaii Republican Party has sunk to a depth never seen before.

They have tried it their way for a long time, and it is not working.  We need conservative Republicans to step up and attend your district caucuses.  There are three things you can do to make our Republican Party better:

  1. Run for district chair or precinct chair.  Lots of responsibility here, but very rewarding.  You identify Republican voters and spread the Republican message in your district.  You also get a vote on the state committee because you are part of the party leadership.
  2. This year, you can volunteer to be on the party's rules committee.
  3. Get appointed as a delegate so you can have a vote at the County and State Conventions as to who our State Executive Committee leadership is.  This is HUGE.

During the past four years, the HRP leadership has done little to nothing to actively, fearlessly, and shamelessly promote Republican principles.  They believe that you “should not offend” or “should reach across the aisle” or “should not demand” or “should let the ‘people’ decide what the party stands for.”

Why have a ‘party’ if some candidates, however liberal, decide what we the membership of the party stand for?  Why have a ‘party’ if it’s merely a means for the candidates to get elected, no matter what they stand for?  Why have a ‘party’ if it does not promote what its members stand for?  After 2014, it can be argued that HRP has reasoned itself out of existence.

The tragic election of 2014 is now behind us.  Conservatives and real Republicans that are “fed up” now need to step up and get deeply involved in leading the process of rebuilding Hawaii’s Republican Party so we can improve and righten the party from within . . . but there is an additional challenge.

Now, faced with a day of reckoning for their failed leadership and their massive electoral losses in 2014, the liberals that run HRP are breaking the rules left and right, and are making up new ones as they go along, to extend their rule by another two years.  

County Chair Fritz Rohlfing has convinced the other three County Chairs to surrender their responsibility for conducting the District Caucuses per Party Rules to Pat Saiki; which has allowed her to stack the deck ensuring that she keeps a firm and heavy-handed grasp on the leadership positions in the Hawaii Republican Party.

They are planning to pull off the caucuses on each island in just one single night, with dates, times, and locations to be set --- NOT by Republicans in their own communities as party rules provide, so that party members in each community can schedule their caucuses on a date, time and location that is best for them -- but by Saiki and Hellreich’s cabal.  This has resulted in Chair Saiki, through executive fiat, mandating in an Obama-like way that District Caucuses shall be conducted on a date, time and at a location she directs.

But that’s not the only game-rigging, game changer.  Are you sitting down?

Saiki and Hellreich have recruited Obama-style ‘community organizers’ to recruit and organize liberal delegates for these caucus meetings in order to ensure that liberals and closet Democrats (the Aaron Johanson’s of our party) will become the chairs of each of 51 Republican house district committees.  These organizers are seeking like-minded liberals who will be obedient to the leftward direction of the failed Saiki/Hellreich regime.  Saiki’s organizers have targeted for ouster some of the most conservative members of the party’s governing ‘state committee’ in order to make sure that the rubber-stamping of bad strategies, left-leaning policies, and wasteful spending can continue.  Hellreich and Saiki have proved their worthlessness as party leaders during the past two years.  They have had a free hand in steering our party into oblivion.  Do we really want 2016 to turn out the same?!?

YOU can do something about the direction our party heads over the next two years.  The people who will fill party leadership positions at the precinct, caucus, district, county and state levels get into those posts as the result of YOUR vote . . . or your apathy.

When can you make the biggest difference?  Sooner than you think!!

Those of us who want to right the ship and put our party back on track, we can still make a huge difference with little cost.  If you are a registered Republican, show up at your district caucus and help elect a conservative district chair; become a delegate so you have a voice at the conventions as to who our party leadership should be.


The real work of a winning party and campaign takes place every single day and night between said elections and between meetings.  The rubber meets the road when we are on the phones, canvassing, participating.  Not just during a few weeks before the election.  But for 24 long months before Election Day.  The effort to unseat entrenched Democrats requires a Herculean undertaking of 24/7/365 commitment . . . the kind of commitment which you see in documentaries about campaigns; full of sleepless workers and tireless party organizers who have been working for years toward victory.

This is your chance, Republicans of Hawaii.  More of the same.  Or a bold conservative direction.  We really hope to see you there.  Won’t you spare a couple of hours this week so that Election 2016 looks better than Election 2014?  Won’t you stop at the caucus in your neighborhood so that the party leaders work to make our party act, sound, and behave like Republicans who want to change things after 60 years of sorry Democrat rule?  The Hawaii Republican Assembly genuinely hopes so.

Mahalo for considering YOUR crucial role in making things better!

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