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Aloha Republicans:

Exactly WHY is the Hawaii Republican Party in a permanent state of political, financial and moral decline in the islands?  HOW did the party become hijacked by liberals who support the progressive policies and legislative agenda of Democrats?  WILL the state party's official 1-page platform of neutrality on every issue facing Hawaii ever be shredded in favor of taking reform-minded stands which could be described as conservative?  HOW long can the party afford to keep the lights on at party HQ?

Well, the devil is in the details -- both small and large.  And the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) knows the details because we have an amazing source of information.

In order to make sense of the ever-unfolding tragedy of a chronically mismanaged organization like the Hawaii Republican Party, one would need to possess the the skills, political background, refreshing honesty, and the inside information of a person like HIRA's very own national director Willes Lee.

Willes Lee, a staunch conservative Republican and former chair of the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) while Linda Lingle was governor, has been operating in conservative and Republican circles for decades.  Even more to the point, Willes has been researching and writing about HRP for more than five years.  His authoritative writings can be found at the online archive

Maybe you are already on Lee's exclusive mailing list.  If not, maybe you are lucky enough to have been forwarded one of his prized insider reports which present key information and stories which party leaders are too embarrassed or too lazy to share with you . . . even the info which they are legally obligated to share with you, but don't.  But today HIRA has a real scoop for you.

Willes' next 2-part report is due out any day now.  And HIRA has been granted the exclusive opportunity to provide HIRA readers in advance with our review of just some of the takeaways you'll glean from that forthcoming report.

Even HIRA's condensed analysis (below) of the facts provided by Willes Lee is shocking and extremely insightful with a major election just over a year away.  But it begins to answer many of the questions posed above . . . and a lot more.

************ THE BIG SECRET: ************

Reports filed by the party with the state and federal government agencies reveal that HRP's income from contributions is at an ALL-TIME LOW.  Disheartened Republicans across the Aloha State are expressing their displeasure with the downward and leftward direction that RINO's have been taking our party.  And even the leadership seems to be disgusted with itself, as evidenced by the worst imaginable 'buy-in' by the party's own leaders.  Only ONE member of the FIFTY-ONE member state committee of HRP (the house district chairs statewide) has been willing to become a Sustaining Member of the state party [a.k.a. a monthly donor for as little as $1 per month].  And of the FOURTEEN members of the executive committee (the top party officers including chair, vice chairs, county chairs, secretary, treasurer, national committeewoman and national committeeman), ONLY TWO have enough faith in their own left-leaning, do-nothing, incompetent 'leadership' to bother getting out their pocket change to become sustaining members.   And while Fritz Rohlfing and several of his fellow officers have been members of HRP's executive committee for more than two years, HRP has been running in the red for 20 of its past 30 filings of campaign spending reports.  And it's no coincidence that the 'leadership' team of Fritz Rohlfing, Miriam Hellreich and Ted Liu have raised less money in the month of June 2015 than in ANY month since 1998.

Is it any surprise that Fritz Rohlfing and his fellow 'leaders' of the Hawaii GOP have violated party rules by failing to draft a formal Victory 2016 campaign plan, let alone a fundraising plan, for our beleaguered party?  It should come as no surprise that Rohlfing historically supports party budgets which provide zero $$$ at all for obvious types of party initiatives to educate and persuade the public (a.k.a. 'electioneering' and 'communications;') while working feverishly to keep the party completely neutral and totally silent on all issues.  Is it any wonder that less than 10% of the eligible delegates and alternates bothered to show up at the annual state convention in Kapolei.  After two mind-numbingly lackluster years as the party's Honolulu county chair, newly-promoted state party chair Fritz Rohlfing took over from Pat Saiki once Linda Lingle publicly urged the party to get rid of Saiki in the wake of the disastrous 2014 general election results.  But instead of replacing Saiki, we cloned her, named that clone Rohlfing, then cloned the failed pre-Saiki team of Jonah Kaauwai and Dylan Nonaka by installing their clones Richard Fale as HNL county chair and his wife as the state party's executive director.  A sure recipe for failure.  While state parties in the other 49 states have already been working feverishly since November 2014 to identify voters, register voters, sign up new Republicans, raise serious money (e.g. last month, tiny Delaware’s state GOP raised $26,000 to the Hawaii GOP’s mere $2,300, which barely covers our $16,000 per month HQ expenses down on Kapiolani Blvd.), canvas neighborhoods, lead the assault on Democrat failures while promoting GOP solutions, the Hawaii GOP under Rohlfing, Hellreich, Liu and Saiki have have deliberately squandered EIGHT precious months since the last election.  Well-meaning conservatives and Republicans are guaranteed to experience serious levels of frustration for the remainder of 2015 and all of 2016 since Rohlfing, Hellreich and the rest don’t even have a plan of action yet.  Thanks to Fritz Rohlfing and the RINO’s, real Republicans like you will be forced to lower your expectations now before your hopes are dashed yet again on Election Night 2016.

Anyway, this is the sort of honest information which your party refuses to share with you.  It's no wonder why they keep us all in the dark.  Thankfully, Willes Lee's timely reports chronicling the incompetence and liberalism of HRP leaders help demystify why Democrats are still able to hang onto power in Hawaii:  HRP simply hasn't been seriously trying to change the balance of power for many years.

Knowledge is power.  Sign up TODAY to receive these monthly reports direct from the author.  

Then stay tuned for shocking and informative new reports from Willes Lee about the state of Hawaii's Republican Party.  The devil really IS in the details.  And you deserve to know the truth -- good, bad and ugly.

Finally, since Rohlfing, Hellreich and Liu decided to silence the party and shut it down during the state's legislative session in 2015 -- exerting no influence whatsoever on legislation at the State Capitol or even at Honolulu Hale following their disastrous election results -- you must decide for yourself if the trio of Rohlfing, Hellreich and Liu (referred to as R/H/L in Willes Lee's reports) are really trying to help HRP change Hawaii for the better by creating a Republican majority or if they are determined to let Democrats and their agenda continue to rule Hawaii uncriticized and unchallenged for another 60+ years.

Either way, it’s time for Fritz Rohlfing to put on his big boy pants and get to work rather than being a lampshade or a potted plant, since nobody buys the idea that he’s in it to win it.

Stay tuned for more insights from HIRA on what our party could be and should be doing if a Republican majority in Hawaii is what we really want.  HIRA wants that.  But sadly, HRP does not.  So kokua by joining HIRA today and change Hawaii tomorrow.



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