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Judy wrote:
“Mahalo for this graph.  Wow! An eye opener.”

HIRA Reply: Reader is referring to the graph showing the steady decline in number of R legislators.


Carolyn wrote:
“I tried to sign up both my husband and I for renewed membership through the website.  I am verrrry impressed with what HiRA is doing.  Thanks.  Keep up the great work.  I am verrrry proud of you.”

HIRA Reply: HIRA continues to hold politicians accountable and provide conservative solutions to destructive liberal policies.


Mark wrote:
“HIRA has disappointed me with its public attacks on fellow Republicans.  Policy disagreements within the Party should not devolve to personal attacks and questioning the motives of other Republicans.  I expect there to be some pointed interparty debate during primary races but not name calling.”

HIRA Reply: HIRA distinguishes between holding the responsible party accountable and what some refer to as “personal.”  Responses from the LGBT community during the SB-1 fight or from Mitch Kahle in his never-ending quest to secularize our state would serve as excellent examples of “personal attacks.”  Using a name in relation to party leaders' actions does not make it personal.  When anyone criticizes Obama's presidency or policies, are they then guilty of “personal attacks” and maybe even “racism?” Of course not!


Don wrote:
“I do agree about these points, but I was reminded just the other day of Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment, thou shall not speak ill of fellow Republicans.”

HIRA Reply: The meaning of Reagan’s 11th Commandment gets deliberately and frequently misconveyed by those who dishonestly invoke Reagan's meaning in order to receive immunity from criticism and therefore get absolution from any responsibility and accountability. In reality, the 'commandment' pertains to keeping GOP candidates from attacking each other such that the winner of a contest between Republicans emerges from the Primary Election only to be damaged goods when facing off against the Democrat in a General Election. The Reagan's 11th Commandment was NEVER meant to protect bad policies or bad organizational leadership or terrible results.

Here are some helpful links to clarify:


Pat wrote:
“Thanks for all you do to make this a better Hawaii and a better America.  BTW, I was talking to someone on the Mainland who lobbies nationally in the various states on business issues.  He was looking at Hawaii and was floored at how few Republicans we have in our state legislature.  He actually didn't think it was in the realm of possibilities until he saw it.”


Barbara wrote:
“I was there all day and I know that what you have said is not all truth. I believe you may have an ax to grind and that you seem to be doing your darndest to misconstrue what we Republicans, who are also Conservatives actually are trying to accomplish.”

HIRA Reply: HIRA was at the convention.  Yet we have not heard any valid counter arguments to disprove what we wrote.

  • It is a shame that such a small number of delegates showed up (167).
  • It is a shame that candidates were not allowed to speak, only get paraded through.
  • National Committeewoman Hellreich’s hypocrisy is a shame.  Telling people to take a stand when her, and the party's, track record on "taking a stand" is atrocious.
  • It is a shame when party resources go exclusively to "top-of-the-ticket" favorites rather than other great candidates out there?
  • It is a shame that actions never follow the words?


Jim wrote:
“Thank you for trying! My wife received a fund raising letter from the Republican National Committee . . . the only name on the upper left front was John McCain. McCain is probably the biggest RINO and most anti-freedom, pro-status quo, anti-Constitution name they could have chosen. What a joke. Thanks to you and the HIRA for trying to return us to Constitutional government. A lot of crosses are in cemeteries around the world where Americans have given their lives to give others freedom. It is such a shame that Democrats want to take our freedoms here and destroy this once great nation.”


Jean wrote:
“It's no wonder there's so much apathy in the party.  So yeah, Hellreich, let me take a stand.”



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