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Aloha Friends and Neighbors:

HIRA expresses our heartfelt appreciation for all the extraordinary efforts made to prevent Hawaii’s liberal Democrat supermajority of politicians from redefining marriage.  While each of us has the right to be deeply disappointed in the terrible choice made by our elected officials to ignore the will of the people, we should be very proud of the sustained and passionate efforts undertaken by defenders of traditional values.

The legalization of homosexual ‘marriage’ is a terrible situation which will usher in terrible consequences.  This new law makes it harder to raise our keiki, run an island business, practice our faith, trust Democrat-run public schools with our children, and more.  Hawaii’s radical Democrat politicians have enacted another harmful law in its war on families . . . a law which thankfully can be changed at any point in the future, once the people of Hawaii decide to elect a conservative Republican majority which respects the traditional family values which made America great.

To reverse this new law plus so many other harmful laws on our books, we must understand and learn from the lessons from this special session.  There are several crucial lessons to be appreciated by Hawaii voters and activists during the past months leading up to the battle over marriage at the State Capitol.  Here are those crucial lessons observed.

LESSON #1:  Elections Have Consequences

If you elect progressive liberals, the legislation is going to be progressive-liberal.  If voters elect a candidate because they know his/her name better than the challenger, then they probably aren't voting for the person who will represent their values and priorities.  Not one voter should be surprised at the turn of events at the State Capitol, despite the lopsided written and oral testimony against redefining marriage.  

Just like terrible social policies, Hawaii’s Democrats implement terrible fiscal policies.  Most tax dollars collected by our Democrat-run government are wasted on dysfunctional departments, programs, agencies and duplicated services.  Both the spending and what we get in return for all that spending rarely ever gets challenged.  It’s no wonder that the same people from the same party keep getting re-elected.  The 20% of voters who can be counted on to vote Republican know who’s to blame for Hawaii’s problems.  But the remaining 80% are either uninformed, uninspired, or on the take.  Elections have consequences and, despite the barrage of bad statistics, 80% of voters either don’t know or don’t care that they voted the wrong person into office.  So, the liberal governing perpetuates.

LESSON #2:  Being Silent Has Consequences

No matter how bad conservatives know a policy (such as redefining marriage) is for society, we can’t assume everyone else knows.  To fight bad legislation, we can't wait fifteen years to educate the public and keep pressure on politicians.  If we want neighbors to be on our side at election time, we need to be active and persuasive all the time about the policies and principles that matter.  Otherwise the toxic contagions known as political correctness and liberal groupthink will fill the void.

The timeline of how this same-sex marriage bill became a law dates back further than Abercrombie calling a special session of the legislature a few months ago. In the 15 years since voters overwhelmingly amended our state constitution, Hawaii has squandered the number of Republicans in office, meanwhile, LGBT groups and their allies systematically and unrelentingly pushed their agenda, day in and day out, during this time period.

Liberal Democrats and their LGBT allies also dominated the debate and attained a position of political strength; leaving Democrats without any fear of political reprisal by voters or conservative organizations. A last minute testimony 'filibuster' strategy -- no matter how loud and passionate and concentrated -- cannot make up for a decade and a half of neglect. Silence has serious and lasting consequences.

LESSON #3:  Being Neutral Has Consequences

In 2010, the Hawaii Republican Party officially became neutral and ratified an official party platform which takes NO POSITIONS on any specific issues at all in local, state or national politics.  No political party in history has ever chosen to be neutral.  In a related decision, HRP officers made a conscious decision in 2013 to sideline the state party organization, its four county party organizations, and 51 state house district party organizations.  Several tens of thousands of Republicans were given nothing to do in order to join the fight, despite party leaders hearing from their members that the HRP should not sit back and do nothing.

The party came out against having a special session of the legislature; to date they have yet to oppose SSM.  If HRP is not against redefining marriage, then what argument would it have used next January?  That it’s also opposed to regular sessions of the legislature?  HRP should have taken a stand.  Nothing is being done to stop the Democrat’s destructive agenda of progressive policies.  HRP is neutral and inactive. That’s why party officials didn’t even provide official HRP testimony at the State Capitol. That’s why you don’t see the party advertising.  That’s why there are no door-hangers to distribute to neighbors, no flyers to hand out, no phone scripts and phone numbers, no signs to wave.  Neutrality combined with non-existent leadership and inaction has consequences.

Nearly three months ago, HIRA challenged the Hawaii Republican Party (led now by the exact same 'leaders' since before Civil Unions were legalized in Hawaii) to help prevent the redefining of marriage.  HRP did absolutely nothing.  Click below to read what HIRA said back in August:

LESSON #4:  "Coalitions" Have Consequences

In our next e-mail, HIRA will address a specific and very critical issue about coalitions – a giant lesson learned in 2013.  Who conservatives in Hawaii choose to work with politically has major consequences.

More details plus a video about this topic will be provided.  Simply put, the time to end this coalition between Republicans and the Super-Liberal Democrat faction is right now.

Mahalo for taking the time to read HIRA's assessment of the special session's lessons. More to come in a few days. Keep your spirits up. There ARE victories ahead!


President - Hawaii Republican Assembly


P.S.  HIRA Personnel change. Thank you to outgoing treasurer Mike Palcic who has tirelessly advocated conservative positions with HIRA since 2009. Mike was very involved in the fight against the redefinition of marriage at the state capitol.  We look forward to Mike's continued support of conservative principles and candidates in 2014.

P.P.S.  Save the Date: January 23, 2014 for talk radio superstar Michael Medved - tickets on sale soon!! And there are more exciting announcements to come . . .

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