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The people of Hawaii face many problems that are caused, prolonged, and exacerbated by Democrat policies shaped and driven by liberal ideologyOne issue that is never discussed is the terrible damage caused to our military by Democrat policies and the threat it poses to Hawaii

In North Korea, the Kim dynasty’s ruthless dictatorship continues to practice military brinksmanship through its hostile pursuit of ballistic missiles armed with nuclear weapons aimed at Hawaii, Japan and elsewhere.  Russia is starting to resurge in the Pacific and their aggression in the Ukraine is no secret.

A much larger looming threat is China’s massive surge in military capability in the Pacific over the last 10 years and their threatening posture towards the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea.  Warlike actions are being taken by the Chinese Communists in and around the Pacific, unbeknownst to Hawaii residents who live as close to China as we do to New York City.

In light of real events, what have Obama and the Democrats in Washington done to . . .

  • make sure our service members have more than enough of the best training, facilities, and service culture to meet today’s threats?
  • strengthen our military by increasing our capability through the acquisition of new systems to keep pace with the threat? 
  • make sure we have the manpower necessary to meet these increasing threats? 

The answer to each of these questions is NOTHING!!  But it’s even worse than that.

For the last six years, our military has been “cut to the bone.”  Obama and the Democrats enthusiastically pursued a budget policy known as “sequestration” which made across the board cuts in defense, with small cuts for other parts of the federal budget.

Our military has lost training exercises, flying hours, required maintenance, facilities, important organizations, personnel, and most of all, we are losing money to acquire the new equipment needed for our service members.  Our enemies are getting stronger while America is getting weaker.

However, it is not just the tangible metrics in our military that are being negatively affected by Obama and Democrats.  Obama the ‘social engineer’ has turned our armed forces into a dysfunctional playground, rather than a military focused exclusively on war fighting and critical support missions. 

Military policies brought on by Obama and Democrats such as: mixed gender crews, women in combat, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, have corrupted good order and discipline to a point where our young service members are no longer entering the realm of elite fighting units.  Men and women are being pushed together in ways that predictably and needlessly spike all kinds of bad statistics in our military ranging from unwanted pregnancies, abortions, STD’s, adultery, rape, sexual assault, fraternization, and harassment (not to mention the immense amount of time and resources drained from leadership as they try to prevent, prosecute, and solve these issues).  Physical standards are being lowered across the board to ensure that women can qualify to serve in previously all-male segments of the armed forces.  All of this lowers readiness and effectiveness.

The new SAPRO report came out last week; produced by the military’s Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office (SAPRO).  Sexual assault in the military has gotten so bad that the SAPRO was the only agency in the military that was immune to sequestration cuts. 

Data presented in the annual report shows that percentages of sexual assaults on males have increased in fiscal year 2013 (does this correlate with any recent policy change?).  Men are sexually attacking men in today’s military.  12% of actual unrestricted incident reports and more than 13% of restricted (confidential) incident reports were filed by military men.  Of those reports, only 2% of "subjects" (alleged perpetrators) were women, meaning that 98% of alleged perpetrators were men sexually attacking other men.

REFERENCE: Sexual Assaults and Cultural Confusion in the New Gender Order

Predictions made about Obama/Democrat military policies have, unfortunately, come true.  Obama and his willing supporters here in Hawaii such as Hanabusa, Gabbard, Hirono, and Schatz have all supported these policies; policies which seriously put our Nation and especially Hawaii at extreme risk . . . and our enemies know it.

We can't wait until 2016 when we change the guy in the White House. This is why winning the U.S. Senate majority this year is so important.


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