Aloha. Here's an important message from the Hawaii Republican Assembly in support of the Honolulu Tea Party's upcoming events in observance of American Independence through upcoming special events..
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The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)  invites you and your family to join us in celebrating American Independence this July 4th with HIRA and The Honolulu Tea Party, at two family-oriented events . . . details below.

HIRA has a very special history with the tea party movement.  In 2009, HIRA founded the "Tax Day Tea Party" which attracted more than 1,000 patriots to Hawaii’s State Capitol for a boisterous and memorable three hour protest rally.  HIRA followed that event in 2010 with the 2nd annual Tax Day Tea Party which boasted 2,000 attendees.

As founders of the Tax Day Tea Party, HIRA remains more committed than ever to Tea Party principles handed down from our country's founding fathers. Now, HIRA is very proud to support our friends and allies at The Honolulu Tea Party, which took over the full time organizing of Tea Party events in 2011.  Since then, Tea Party leaders on Oahu, led by powerhouse attorney and Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Adrienne King, have been battling the IRS in a war on conservative groups waged by the Obama administration’s IRS agents across the nation.  You’ve undoubtedly seen Tea Party groups from across America on the news during the past few weeks fighting for everyone's political freedom.

Now exposed is the illegal and politically motivated big government strategy of Obama's IRS being misused to halt the momentum of the Tea Party movement in order to eliminate the #1 impediment to Obama's 2012 reelection strategy.  As a result of the revelation and justfied outrage, investigations are underway which have rocked Washington, D.C. and caused people in all 50 states to become even more cynical about government and more united in limiting its power and abuses.

But not only has the scandal of using IRS agents against political opponents - groups and individuals alike - woken up the nation about the inept and corrupt Obama administration, we now have revelations of Obama's government spying on you and spying on reporters and repeatedly lying about it. Add to that, we have Obama and his rival-turned-hand-picked-successor Hillary Clinton covering up what really happened before, during and after the terrorist attack on our fellow citizens in Benghazi. Since all of this has been revealed through leaks rather than "transparent" admissions, does anyone really believe these are the only illegal and immoral activities against citizens?

The Tea Party and conservatives are stronger than ever thanks to the nationwide backlash against the IRS, against Obama, and against ObamaCare.  By trying to silence groups like the Honolulu Tea Party and by infringing on our constitutional right of free speech and free assembly to petition our government with grievances, the Obama IRS has mobilized people all across our country; including here in Hawaii.


As Abraham Lincoln wisely said:

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

Well, our friends at The Honolulu Tea Party (THTP) are fighting back.  THTP is one of two dozen organizations represented in a federal lawsuit against the IRS filed by the American Center for Law and Justice.  Read more HERE.

So please show your patriotic colors this Independence Day and join us in supporting The Honolulu Tea Party at two patriotic events this July 4th:

Please join your fellow Tea Partiers at Kailua's Annual 4th of July Parade from 10am to 12 noon, along Kainalu Drive in Kailua (from Palapu Street to Kailua Intermediate School).

Tea Partiers will be marching in the parade, selling t-shirts, and handing out Tea Party literature and souvenirs. Walk and hold your Tea Party signs and banners. Wear your patriotic Tea Party shirts and hats. Carry your American flags and Gadsden "Don't Tread On Me" flags. Bring your enthusiasm. Bring your friends and family. Your country needs you to spread the word so we can dump ObamaCare and the IRS into Boston Harbor in 2013.

Official Honolulu Tea Party t-shirts will be on sale at the Kailua Parade. Both the collector's edition "2010 Tea Party" and the new "Independence - Liberty" design will be available.

Make plans to stick around after the parade for a "picnic potluck" with your fellow Tea Partiers at nearby Kailua Beach Park. Bring your own drinks, snacks and food. And if you really want to make a day of it, stay for the annual fireworks show.

We really hope you can join us. Please mark your calendars for July 4th and march with the Honolulu Tea Party in the Kailua Parade with a picnic to follow.

Please RSVP to HIRA’s 1st vice president Marissa Capelouto who also serves as the Honolulu Tea Party’s parade coordinator: –or- (808) 690-2887.

The Honolulu Tea Party's volunteers will be in Hawaii Kai from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. for the annual Independence Day at Maunalua Bay Festival, helping to celebrate liberty, independence, freedom and limited government.  This year's event is a Backyard Barbecue and Music Festival, featuring top-name entertainment , Hawaiian cultural activities including hula, a keiki bike parade, art projects, near-water activities, the traditional watermelon-eating contest, a barbecue and more.  Look for The Honolulu Tea Party's booth which is co-located with the East Honolulu Republicans. FIREWORKS AT SUNSET!!

To promote the Honolulu Tea Party organization and their upcoming events, we're going to do some Hawaiian-style signwaving during rush hour traffic. We've got the signs and banners, we just need you bring your enthusiasm and festive signwaving attitude. June 19 and June 26 for sign waving as well?

On Wednesday, June 19th, the signwaving will take place across from Kailua's Castle Medical Center from 4-6 pm. Wednesday, June 26th signwaving is going to take place near Kaneohe's First Hawaiian Bank from 4-6pm.


Please contact Marissa Capelouto for information and to RSVP.
Phone: 690-2887

As an affiliated chapter of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies,
HIRA is the conservative standardbearer of the Republican Party in Hawaii
and the leading advocate for conservative solutions in the islands.

Please forward this Red Alertl to friends and family here in the islands.
Fighting liberal Democrat policies in Hawaii requires strength in numbers.

Hawaii Republican Assembly | P.O. Box 2805 | Honolulu, HI 96803