For Immediate Release

Tito Montes, President – Hawaii Republican Assembly


Honolulu -- The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) is pleased that the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) completed their annual State Convention without major mishap. HRP elected the same officers; the same team that has been trying to erase the party debt since 2010, elected less legislators than in 2010, and deals with a House Caucus that partnered with the Democrat Progressive Wing.

HIRA President Tito Montes stated "We are all members of the Republican Party. We hope HRP changes their policies to become inclusive, transparent and honest. Where HRP refuses to speak for its party members, HIRA will fill the void with conservative solutions. HIRA's intent is to assist the election of conservatives to public office in Hawaii."

That candidates for party office who were not on the 'approved party slate' fared as well as they did reflects the disenchantment with current Republican Party policy and politics. Each of three challengers had little opportunity to campaign and yet scored decent numbers from the small crowd.

With only 174 of a possible 2,000 delegates or alternates attending this year's half-day convention, the HRP message conveyed by convention speakers seemed to be more about the HRP's intolerance to differing opinions within the party, calling for unity, and less on how we are going to defeat Democrats. However, HIRA was pleased to assist party members in changing their position and allow members to hear resolutions during Convention.

HIRA intends to boost conservative and liberty movement participation in the Republican effort to gain relevancy. HIRA believes that bold conservative solutions are the keys to helping Hawaii and to improving Republican success at the polls.

The potential of our islands will only be realized when conservative solutions are embraced by our state and county and federal governments. These conservative values are shared by the vast majority of Republicans in Hawaii and elsewhere, according to Montes.

The Hawaii Republican Assembly(HIRA), an affiliated chapter of
the National Federation of Republican Assemblies
is the conservative standard-bearer of the Republican Party of Hawaii
and the leading advocate for conservative solutions in the islands.

We are not an official arm of the Republican Party of Hawaii (RPH).
We are the conservative base of the Republican Party.
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