Aloha. The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) is standing up to phony Republicans who have hijacked our party in order to help the Democrats achieve their political and policy goals at the county, state and federal levels of government. These RINOs are just Democrats in disguise.
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RESIGN TODAY:  Liberal RINO Andria Tupola
Actively “Brown-Nosing” Democrat Agenda

Aloha Republicans:

I’ve got some REALLY bad news to share.  There’s no way around this.  But Andria Tupola must immediately resign as minority leader of the Hawaii Republicans at the State Capitol.  She’s cast lots and lots of bad votes before.  But this one really takes the cake.  She’s even worse than Beth Fukumoto.  And she even got her fellow Republicans to join her in joining the Democrats and the public worker unions in a suicide pact for taxpayers.

Here’s the lowdown.  Shortly after casting her oh-so-revealing vote to crown fellow LIBERAL Republican Beth Fukumoto as the leader of the GOP at the State Capitol earlier this year, fake Republican Andria Tupola joined with unanimous Democrats to make state government even more expensive, even more dysfunctional while making living in Hawaii even more costly by unreservedly supporting Senate Bill 410, a union-written bill passed by the 2017 Legislature which would force the already wimpy state and county administrators working under Democrats Ige and Caldwell et al to negotiate with public worker unions concerning the routine daily direction of workers, making effective management impossible.

With Tupola’s unconditional support, SB 410 takes matters that have always fallen under the state and county administration’s basic right to manage its employees — hiring, job standards, work assignments, promotions, transfers, discipline, productivity, organizational goals — and makes those issues subject to negotiation between State Democrats and unions like the HGEA and UPW.

When you’re that wrong on the issues, stick to litter cleanups and directing traffic.

Only a career politician with zero business akamai or experience (and someone who wants to be the puppet of public worker unions) would vote to support such nonsense.  And Tupola did.

According to the Star-Advertiser’s liberal columnist David Shapiro who warned against this destructive bill, “SB 410 could require negotiation of daily contract implementation, creating endless quid pro quo haggling and further slowdown of public bureaucracies that already move like a‘a lava.  Instead of doling out incremental favors to unions, legislators (including minority leader Andria Tupola) handed over the keys to the candy store all at once.  The pandering was unanimous in both houses, with support crossing all party and factional lines despite warnings from (state and county government) administrators that it would cripple their ability to manage effectively.”

That’s right:  A unanimous vote!!  As Beth Fukumoto’s even worse replacement in the role of GOP minority leader, RINO Tupola even made sure that her quartet of fellow RINO’s supported this legislation -- a terrible bill which even Democrat governor David Ige thought was too liberal and had to veto it.

What exactly was Ige’s rationale for vetoing Tupola’s horrible collective bargaining legislation??  Ige wrote:  “This bill directly impacts the ability of state departments to effectively manage its workforce by negating management rights to direct its workforce and requiring union consent on such matters as assignment, transfer and discipline.”  Yeah, no kidding.  Even Democrat Ige could see what RINO Tupola and her Democrat buddies were trying to do with this savaging of taxpayers and giveaway to the public worker unions.

This is the kind of phony Republican leadership provided by RINO minority leader Andria Tupola on the heels of phony GOP leadership from Beth Fukumoto-Chang.  On this crucial issue, thank goodness David Ige was governor and NOT high-taxing, big-spending union puppet Tupola.  If Tupola was governor, she would have given away the store to public employee unions.  That’s a really terrible thought that a member or leader in the GOP would be so willing and so enthusiastic about pushing the liberal agenda.

As Shapiro points out, “The problem is that there’s supposed to be somebody on the other side of the bargaining table fighting equally hard for taxpayer interests.”  That won’t happen with pandering RINO Tupola giving away the store -- helping special interest groups rather than fighting for taxpayers.  

Brown-nosing.  That’s exactly what the Star-Advertiser called it.  Brown-nosing of Democrat public worker unions by Andria Tupola and her progressive buddies.

Shapiro really hit it on the head:  “If the governor and Legislature allow this cynical brown-nosing to become law, any hope for better governance is likely out the window.”

Fellow taxpayers, we dodged Tupola’s RINO bullet this time.  But we should all remember that what big government, high tax Tupola REALLY wants is an even more inefficient and even more costly state government and an even more expensive Hawaii.

Auwe to that.  If you thought it was terrible and shocking when RINO Charles Djou took the lead in creating the City’s rail agency HART from scratch while he was on the City Council and mandated that it build 34-miles of heavy rail, this is EVEN WORSE.

Apologists for Tupola will overlook her horrendous voting record out of sheer desperation for a candidate, even one who votes consistently against their interests  But the sorry truth is that Hawaii’s Democrat-aligned government employee unions are MUCH TOO POWERFUL ALREADY.  Tupola’s RINO philosophy will make Hawaii’s cost of living go up and the productivity of government go down.  And if Republicans vote just like Democrats, then what’s the point?

Beware, fellow Republicans. Phony GOP candidates and incumbents are all around us in state and local politics. Always remember that preventing fake Republicans like Andria Tupola and Beth Fukumoto and Aaron "Ling" Johanson from helping Democrats and destroying the GOP from the inside is the first step in reversing the stranglehold of Democrats in Hawaii.

Andria Tupola needs to resign as minority leader of the House GOP at the State Capitol. A Republican leader shouldn't be pushing the Democrat agenda. Period!


Member, Hawaii Republican Party (HRP)
President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

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