Aloha. The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) is standing up to phony Republicans who have hijacked our party in order to help the Democrats achieve their political and policy goals at the county, state and federal levels of government. These RINOs are just Democrats in disguise.
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RINOs Help Democrats Ruin Hawaii:

Aloha Republicans:

Watching loyal fellow party members like you get stabbed in the back by Hawaii's minority leader Andria Tupola is quite painful. Ever since she took over the leadership reins from party turncoat Beth Fukumoto, you'd have expected Rep. Tupola to do at least slightly better at standing up for our conservative values than Fukumoto and that she'd demand an end to failed Democrat policies. Sadly, this is not to be. Her shameful liberal record of rubber-stamping whatever Democrats want is JUST AS BAD as Fukumoto's.

Just like Beth Fukumoto, instead of fighting for the repeal of harmful liberal policies, RINO party leader Tupola is working hand in hand with progressive Democrats to turn Hawaii into a tragic and toxic mixture of California and Detroit.

Only days ago, hardcore RINO Tupola voted in favor of a Democrat bill (HB2281) introduced by 14 hardcore Democrats and lifelong RINO Cynthia Thielen which will create a horrifying patchwork of state-run shantytowns and tent cities all across Hawaii. That's right! Fake Republican Tupola wants to force Hawaii residents across the state to accept the establishment of mainland style homeless shantytown tent cities.

Ready to impose her will (and that of Democrats) on taxpayers statewide, co-opted RINO Andria Tupola and her liberal Democrat brain trust of colleages at the legislature fully realize neighborhoods will not be so welcoming to the shantytowns. "This concept would have to be taken from island to island to really get the community to understand it," Tupola told Hawaii News Now, as she and her Democrat friends prepare to force these shantytowns down the throats of taxpayers during the current session of the Hawaii State Legislature. You see, Tupola plans to make YOU understand that tent cities in your neighborhood are a good thing and part of her "vision for a better Hawaii".

Tupola and her Democrat pals are circling the wagons around House Bill 2281, which would create an "Ohana Zone Program" within the state Department of Human Services that would designate potentially DOZENS of areas around the state where homeless people could live. Yes, official state shantytowns, with plenty of room for growth as the homeless population of Hawaii surges into record numbers. Career politicians like Tupola must know that their embrace of big government policies has caused Hawaii to achieve record levels of non-affordability. They also have to know that they've let the illegal drug problem get out of hand and have allowed homelessness to explode in recent years with no solution in sight.

"OHANA ZONES": Thanks to so failed liberal policies in Hawaii, taxpayers (i.e. YOU) would be taxed by Tupola (open-ended pricetag and timelines unknown) to ensure that these government-run Ohana Zone tent cities all provide toilets, showers and other hygiene facilities; areas for food preparation; on-site child care; and transportation to school, jobs, medical appointments and other services. RINO Andria Tupola actually calls living in a tent city a "sustainable lifestyle", as part of her shamelessly propagandizing of the gullible public to make Hawaii's infamous tent city in Waianae and the 'living on the land', bare subsistence, welfare and charity dependent subculture seem like a great, sustainable alternative to working, having your own home, and raising kids under a roof rather than under a tarp.

While opportunistic career politicians like Tupola are eager to demonstrate how 'compassionate' they are by creating shantytowns right next to existing residential areas, affected residents know that homeless villages will bring trouble. Nanakuli's Darren Hoopii told Hawaii News Now that he opposes such camps for good reason, "It's not good for the kids and it will cause a lot of traffic over here and drugs." Mr. Hoopii is a master of understatement. Homelessness is NOT a sustainable alternative lifestyle, as career politicians like RINO Andria Tupola continue to portray the situation. With the State of Hawaii possessing more than enough resources to get people off the streets tomorrow (and having the responsibility to enforce laws against vagrancy and poor parenting), there is ZERO need for the state to create or approve of homeless camps. All of this liberal feel-good nonsense about 'safe zones' needs to be squelched. Homelessness in the year 2018 is unacceptable period.

Let's be honest, it's likely that fake Republican and career politician Tupola is desperate to cozy up to the liberal media and the Democrat powerbrokers in a misguided gambit to promote her pointless gubernatorial ambitions. What's worse is that Tupola's voting record has been truly abysmal, voting 90%+ of the time with Democrats, including voting like a Democrat on many key issues that would cause Republicans from Hawaii to the White House to cringe in disbelief. All of this would explain why Tupola has been encouraging the squatters in Waianae to keep 'camping' indefinitely and why she has become a willing mouthpiece or surrogate for the progressive agenda and cooperating with Democrats and the liberal media in an ongoing campaign to mainstream and normalize the idea of having shantytown tent cities (sorry, "Ohana Zones") all throughout the state . . . coming soon to YOUR neighborhood and spreading like Starbucks. Auwe!

Tupola's voting record is consistently bad. And, according to the scoring by the American Conservative Union Foundation (the annual producers of the CPAC convention), Tupola has delivered the same poor results as minority leader as her predecessor Beth Fukumoto; with the GOP caucus in the state house voting 71% of the time with Democrats under Fukumoto in 2016 and under Tupola in 2017.


As Goldie Cross of the Kauai County Republican Party, "Purge the RINOs". We agree, Goldie. Tupola needs to focus her time on undoing all the damage she's done, rather than throwing away a GOP seat in the state house to run for governor. Tupola asks voters if they "want to be part of creating a shared vision for a better Hawaii". Hell no, if her vision includes state-run shantytown tent cities from Hilo to Hanalei, which it does. That's just nuts!



Andria Tupola needs to resign as minority leader of the House GOP at the State Capitol. Her liberal voting record and her progressive ideology -- which she attempts to mask with throwaway conservative buzzwords -- make her unfit to be GOP leader and unfit to be the GOP's nominee for governor. The road to hell is paved by smooth talking liberals who con people into believing they are conservative. Tupola won't be magically turning from a liberal into a conservative in office. It didn't happen when she became a member of the state house. It didn't happen when she voted for Beth Fukumoto to lead the GOP caucus. It didn't happen when she replaced Beth Fukumoto as minority leader. And it won't happen as governor.

To Tupola's Republican supporters, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, HIRA has the following message for you: You owe it to yourself to understand HOW AWFULLY BAD Tupola's voting record is. Calling it 'HORRIBLE' doesn't even do it justice. It's as bad as you can imagine. Democrats and the liberal news media LOVE Tupola's embrace of their agenda. Through Tupola, they have co-opted the Hawaii GOP's still sidelined ability to take on the failed Democrat record. And now, Tupola is part of that failed record. It's a wonder she hasn't become a Democrat like Fukumoto already.

Contacted for this story, GOP candidate John Carroll indicated that as governor he would work to reverse many of Tupola's liberal policies which she helped Democrats to enact during her years at the state legislature. Carroll clearly indicated that creating Shantytowns was one of a "dirty dozen" Tupola policies which need to be reversed either through executive action, legislation, and/or through the courts during his first year in office. "There's no point in electing a Republican if he or she ends up governing like a Democrat," Carroll asserted to HIRA.

It's hard to disagree with that. Tupola needs to step aside as GOP leader and immediately get off the Democrat bandwagon of incremental socialism in the Aloha State.


Member, Hawaii Republican Party (HRP)
President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

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